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Our Mission -
"Providing resources for enhancing the educational experience of future business leaders"

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            Ben Stadler - "Every event feels like I'm one step closer to meeting my professional goals. The sense of brotherhood we have amongst each other is enough to have me enthralled, yet my involvement has led to further fulfillment throughout my college journey. The time spent in Alpha Kappa Psi makes for an incredibly rewarding experience." - Finance and Accounting





      Trey Forestier - "Alpha Kappa Psi has given me the opportunity to develop my communication skills and foster a sense of connection the moment I began my college experience. Thanks to this organization and the leadership opportunities it provides, I feel confident in my ability to excel in my profession post-graduation." - Finance



               Jenna Harris - "I am so thankful for Alpha Kappa Psi and the connections I have made since day one. Through our professional workshops and volunteer events, I feel each day I am becoming more involved with the community as well as prepared for what is ahead. The amazing friendships I have formed with my brothers are ones that will last a lifetime. You truly get out what you put in with Alpha Kappa Psi, as it sets you up for success in your future endeavors no matter where you go in life." - Nutrition 


Thank You For Your Generosity!

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