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Valuing Brotherhood, Knowledge, Integrity, Service and Unity, we are determined to develop experienced, ethical, skilled, and resourceful business leaders.

Our Mission

Our Activities

Community Service

The Alpha Kappa Psi Eta Theta chapter participates in various community service throughout Lubbock, TX.

Guest Speakers

Various popular entrepreneurs and business men and women from a variety of companies visit to tell our chapter their story and to give advice on career paths. 


Various workshops are held to encourage growth in many skills. Some topics include resume building, public speaking, and professional dressing.

Intramural Sports

Our chapter participates in intramural sports such as soccer, softball, and volleyball.

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Alumni Socials

Chapter members are given the opportunity to learn from our former members regarding things such as career paths and success after college.


Similar goals and interests expand into relationships outside of school.


Our chapter offers a vast range of leadership opportunities that offer varying responsibilites.


Our chapter is conducted professionally in order to mirror procedures in the business world.

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Notable Alumni

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